Are You Ready For This?

26 Jul

We are just one solitary day away for the big bad birth of Episode One of The High Tea Cast. Are you excited?!

Because we are!

We thought we’d give you lucky dogs a sneak preview of what you can expect from our feature length (read: extra long) launch episode, to whet your appetite before you get on your iTunes and subscribe tomorrow

  • An interview with fantastic small budget film production company A Winter Road
  • Chatter on Caitlin Moran’s new hilarious semi autobiographical book, How to Be A Woman
  • Our regular newscaster Simon Button bringing you news and views from far and wide.
  • Some cheeky reviews of two of London’s hottest cakery’s
  • The brilliant Eleni Cashell shares some of her more embarrassing moments, exclusively for The High Tea Cast.
  • And finally, we are played out but the awesome sounds of hot Irish band, The Biblecode Sundays.
    If none of that gets your juices flowing, the HTC ladies will be discussing the ins and outs of their own lives, introducing themselves and most likely, oversharing.
    As we mentioned, this episode is FEATURE LENGTH!! But you know what? This means that there is enough material to last to AND from work, so really, we’ve sorted out your commute. No need to thank us.
    Prick up your ears – we’re coming to get you!!

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