Episode One – Embarrassing Things, Embarrassing Times

27 Jul

It’s launch date bitches!! We have finally unleashed our FEATURE LENGTH special launch edition for your listening pleasure.

For our first casted pod, we have chosen the theme “Embarrassing Things, Embarrassing Times” to celebrate all those little things that we do (that’s you and us) that make us wince, cringe and go a shade of red brighter than Lea’s hair. All our contributors will be talking about their most embarrassing moments, and the HTC ladies will be holding it all together with a few stories of their own.

So get involved! You can listen to the podcast straight away by going to the Episodes page, checking out our Feedburner page or subscribing on iTunes.

And if you have something embarrassing you want to share with the world and The High Tea Cast…comment on the blog, tweet us at @TheHighTeaCast or let us know via Facebook. You’ll be in good company!

PS this podcast is FEATURE LENGTH (1 hr 30 mins). Don’t expect that level of effort from the HTC lasses every time…we are spent!!


One Response to “Episode One – Embarrassing Things, Embarrassing Times”

  1. Dominic July 27, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    Wee’ing my pants with excitement…

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