Lots of love for The High Tea Cast!

8 Aug

We are not going to lie – we have been totally overwhelmed by the response to our lil’ old podcast and blog right here. Since launching the blog 2 weeks ago, we have had over 600 hits (which is like, super wow for us – the HTC lasses keep texting each with “we got another one – was it you?”) and our stats on iTunes and for downloads on our Episodes and blown our tiny, cocktail filled minds.

We are over the moon happy that you like what we are trying to do.

Here at HTC towers, the tweets and messages we have been receiving from you, our lovely amazing, and clearly quite mental listeners, have been warming our cockles and tickling our giggle boxes so we thought we would share some of them with you!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! We are filled with Glee. So much so that we might have to head out for a cocktail immediately to steady our nerves.

If you haven’t listened to Episode 1 yet, get on to the Episodes page, look us up on iTunes and get involved! We are currently busy planning Episode 2, running round London sampling the best it has to offer for your listening pleasure and planning some epic blog posts to boot – but we haven’t forgotten everyone who has made us so proud this past fortnight, so this post was just for you!


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