Tea, Cake & Cocktails – Cox, Cookies & Cake

15 Aug

For the first The High Tea Cast episode, we wanted a double header of seriously good cake shop reviews. I’d heard some pretty mixed messages about Cox, Cookies & Cake, but as we were going to be only 5 minutes around the corner conducting our first podcast interview, it seemed liked the perfect place to try and check out for ourselves.

Sandwiched between the various sex shops of Soho, and in fact looking itself like a fluro-lit purveyor of all things illicit and sex-like it isn’t exactly the sort of place where you might expect to find decent cake and a coffee.  But we were up for it none the less – and anyway it was pouring with rain and we wanted to get inside!

The lighting was absolutely hideous for photos, but you get the idea from these I hope. We were presented at the counter with a selection of highly decorated, quite big cupcakes in a variety of flavours for £4, and then some slightly smaller, less ostentatious ones for £2.50. £4 is an awful lot to pay for a cup cake, but we were there, and we hadn’t eaten much so we went for it nonetheless.  We managed for find somewhere to sit (note – Cox, Cookies & Cake is really only good for takeaway.  There are 5 bar stools under 2 high bars, but that is the only seating available.  We were very lucky to get the set of three bar stools on that cold and rainy day!) and settled in for the sugar high.

As you can see, every cupcake came with a shot of hot chocolate on the side – a nice touch, and I presume one you only get if you order to “eat in” – but we appreciated the sentitment after paying £4 a cake and the hot chocolate was actually really tasty.

I selected a banoffee cupcake, complete with a chocolate male torso on top. Banoffee is my favourite flavour of anything, and I was really pleased to see they had some different selections at Cox Cookies & Cake.  I had heard in other reviews online that the cakes were tasteless, a little stale and the frosting to cake ratio was off, but I was pleasantly surprised. Bearing in mind it was nearly 4pm when we got there, there were a lot of cakes left and they were beautifully moist – I wonder if they have learnt from early reviews?

Lea went for a delightfully kitsch bicep/arm combo, which reminded me of one of the 1950’s adverts for soap or something. Or Popeye. Either way this beauty was a hazelnut and chocolate combo, and again moist and tasty.

Eleni selected a chocolate and raspberry skull-adorned cupcake – the bright pink icing looked like it was on fire it was so lurid, but it tasted lovely, and the glitter on the skull was a nice touch.  All the pieces on top of the cake were made of chocolate, a bit like the old fashioned white mice sweets you got as a child.

Cox Cookies & Cake opened in September 2010 and is located in Brewer St, London. It was set up by famous shoe designer Patrick Cox, in partnership with famous patissier Eric Lanlard, known as the Cake Boy (his wedding cakes are to die for). It is open 11-8pm Sun-Thurs and 11-11pm Fri & Sat for all your late night cupcake needs.

You can follow the goings on of Cox Cookies & Cake on Twitter.

* you can hear more of our thoughts on Drink Shop Do on Episode 1 of the podcast, “Embarrassing Things, Embarrassing People”.

** edited from an original review from Sam’s blog, allthingsgoodandproper.wordpress.com

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