Simon Button: Newsman Extraordinare

Simon is the HTC Newscaster, bringing the weird and wonderful stories of the day just for your lugholes. A slight loon with occasional sarcastic tendencies, he has a wit that cuts like a knife and strikes like a blunt force instrument and an often surreal sense of humour. Whilst qualified and working as a graphic designer and project co-ordinator, he prefers to spend his time seeking out the eccentricities in life. Nerdy and proud he spends his time playing video games, writing blogs and deciphering the meaning of our existence (update, it’s not looking good). Hobbies include procrastinating, caffeine consuming contests, sleeping pill consuming contests, spelunking, naked bungee jumping, reverse psychology and pizza. You can follow Simon on twitter @simon294uk and/or (not forcing it on you) read his ramblings at


Eleni Cashell: Journalistic Geek

 Three words that sum up Eleni would be, Geek. Writer. Cringe. When she’s not embarassing herself infront of celebrities or laughing like Jimmy Carr, Eleni’s life is mainly dominated by three things. Writing. Comedy and Sci-Fi. That’s right, she’s a massive journalistic geek and proud of it too. Not always the brightest spark, Eleni originally wanted to be a children’s author until she was told she wouldn’t get paid unless she got published, so journalism just seemed like a good idea at the time. After spending years on training and partying hard in equal (shot) measures, she now spends her days writing for any website that will put up with her. Obssessed by all things comedy, she also blogs and interviews up and coming comedians, especially if they’re hot or can make her laugh, normally the first one will be enough though. Like Eleni’s life, the interviews tend to be embarassing and cringing but she likes to think it’s part of her charm. When asked in an interview what she’d do if she won the lottery, she replied she’d take Charlie Brooker out on a date. That’s the level of stupidity you’re dealing with.

Producer Mike: Podcast Godfather

Mike Jelves, aka Producer Mike is one third of Jellyfielders, a merry band of 20-something independent UK film producers, based in London, “living the dream”. He is the producer and sometime contributor from the studio of the delightful High Tea Cast and his own Jellyfielders Podcast AND Lucky Pants Cast. Podcast Godfather indeed. When not recording his own voice for our lugholes, he hangs out in Apple as part of the Theatre Demo team, follows Manchester United, sings bad karaoke and takes pictures of other people in his glasses. You can follow him on Twitter at @jelvesie, @Jellyfielders and @luckypantscast.


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