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People we love: Bangs and a Bun

18 Aug

We HTC girls have lots on our plates. Alongside our pretty pod, Sam is head of Catch 22’s volunteer unit and balances blogging with baking on an epic scale. Lea juggles Apple communications with magazines, lingerie and soon a little blogging for Old Spitalfields Market. We nurture and baby our lovely HTC blog in our own time. Wouldn’t it be just perfect to make a living out of our beloved blogging? What we need is a little something to show us how to brand, plan and publicise a blog that brings in the lolly and a career all at once.

Oh, hello Bangs…

Bangs and a Bun is a London based blogger of the most prolific kind. She’s smart, funny, gets thousands of hits every day on her blog and – most enviously – that is her job. She is a full time blogger.

The beautiful Jo Gifford of Cherry Sorbet hosted a Cyber Savvy event at our beloved Drink Shop Do so that Bangs – real name Muireann Carey-Campbell (pronounced Mirren) – could tell us how to make our blogs a real success… with a couple of epic stories thrown in (death threats for dissing Madonna… Only Bangs!). We tweeted live from the workshop under #CSBANGS about the key points you need to consider to be seriously blog and brand savvy. They are:

  • Have a plan! Bangs planned her blog posts for months before starting (so, my Digital Manager at work was right then!)
  • Be prepared to talk about your blog to everyone, and everywhere. Get blog business cards
  • Go self hosted – far easier to create your brand and image
  • Look at the posts that are getting the most attention, and work out why – maybe they are the ones that will keep your audience coming back
  • Tweet about your blog incessantly – if you are not annoying yourself, you are not tweeting enough! *
After a couple of hours chatting to the inspiration that is Bangs and consuming our fair share of tea and cake (what else?), we left with a handful of new friends, a massive girl crush on Jo – event hostess extraordinaire – and a big fat catalyst to make The High Tea Cast bigger and better as we build up episodes and attention.
Thanks Bangs – with you’re help, we plan to stick around for a good long while!
*Points taken from Sam’s blog: All things good and proper.

Tea, Cake & Cocktails – Drink Shop Do

1 Aug

A little while ago, The HTC gals and gorgeous contributor Eleni wandered over the the Caledonian Road to check out the relatively new (although oh so up and coming) cakery ‘n’ makery that is Drink Shop Do, just tucked off the beaten path in King’s Cross, London.

We’d wanted to check out this place for ages, ever since we came across them via Twitter, and thought they would be perfect for the listeners of The High Tea Cast. The styling, the cocktails, the cake and the ethos of most of the stuff in the shop being vintage and for sale – it seemed cute, kitsch and right up my street.

And we weren’t disappointed. At about 4pm on a very hot Saturday afternoon it was packed, but we found ourself a little space and just looked around, open mouthed. To the left there was a fabulous little party of craft and cake going on, with cotton everywhere and cake stands a-plenty. To the right was a group of beautiful ladies, dressed to the nines in their 1940′s vintage finest – we were desperate to just join in with them!  And then all around were couples, groups and gal pals like us in search of a fab atmosphere and even better cake.

We spotted the milkshakes and couldn’t resist, with Lea (above) trying the Chocolate Malty Balls, and Eleni and I diving straight into the Oreo Milkshake. We each ordered a plate of tiny little sandwiches (cut into triangle shapes – obviously) and then pondered over the cake list.

As you can see, we all ordered the same – Honey and Lavender. And no, they don’t skimp on portion sizes. The cake was beautifully moist which is impressive for towards the end of the day, and an oft overlooked thing. I like my cake pretty and I like it moist and preferably both at the same time.  There is a lot of style over substance in some London cafes these days, but not at Drink Shop Do.

And we actually couldn’t finish it. I enjoyed the Honey and Lavender, but it was quite sickly and I could have done with a bit less. That said, it was an unusual flavour combination, and I’d like to try and grab a recipe from somewhere to try it out.

If you are in the King’s Cross area we’d really recommend a trip to Drink Shop Do. Just to soak up the amazing ambience they have created.  Next time I’m hoping to kick back with an Amaretto Sour in full vintage get up. Until then, The HTC lasses are going back again on the 5th August for the Cherry Sorbet blog event with BangsandaBun. Although we have our eyes on the vintage hair classes and the bingo nights!

* you can hear more of our thoughts on Drink Shop Do on Episode 1 of the podcast, “Embarrassing Things, Embarrassing People”.

** edited from an original review from Sam’s blog, allthingsgoodandproper.wordpress.com