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A Winter Road: The HTC’s first ever interview!

29 Jul

A Winter Road is a fantastic small budget film production company, created in order to experiment, showcase and create on self driven projects commission by allography, an artist’s response web magazine that publishes every six weeks. They have created stageplays, radioplays and a number of short films all with a collective of creatives which make up the company.

Of course, you’ll have to listen to episode one to hear from Andy Futaishi and Sid Phoenix about the ins and outs and all round crazy occurrences that…well…occurred…during their latest stint in the world of low budget Brit films.

Despite a six month stretch of working day and night to take three short films from scratch through to being fully fledged entries for this years festivals (Venice and Sundance, to name-drop just a little), they:
1. Didn’t die of exhaustion and…
2. Didn’t lose an ounce of their raw passion to make their visions into three astounding realities.

We hope that their fantastic short films Under The City (which is shaping up to be the HTC ladies fave), Like a Little Gift and The Last Seaside Variety Show kill it at the festivals this summer…check back on the blog as we chart their successes.

One thing that this charming duo make very clear is that the sheer dedication they show for their work will see them leap from strength to strength over the next 18 months.

Us HTC girls have been lucky enough to witness these small-time trailblazers in full flow… and now we’ve brought it to you. Hence forth to episode one and listen, and check them out at www.awinterroad.co.uk or on Twitter at @AWinterRoad.


There’s no excuse now: We’re on iTunes!

28 Jul

Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between… You can now download and subscribe to The High Tea Cast on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-high-tea-cast/id452956475

Doesn’t our little lady logo look hot up there with the best of ’em?!

Listen to it on the tube, in the car, play it to your friends, tell your mommy all about us and retweet ’til the cows come home. We wanna hear all you have to say about us!

We’ll be blogging again soon… In the meantime, enjoy your pod!

Episode One – Embarrassing Things, Embarrassing Times

27 Jul

It’s launch date bitches!! We have finally unleashed our FEATURE LENGTH special launch edition for your listening pleasure.

For our first casted pod, we have chosen the theme “Embarrassing Things, Embarrassing Times” to celebrate all those little things that we do (that’s you and us) that make us wince, cringe and go a shade of red brighter than Lea’s hair. All our contributors will be talking about their most embarrassing moments, and the HTC ladies will be holding it all together with a few stories of their own.

So get involved! You can listen to the podcast straight away by going to the Episodes page, checking out our Feedburner page or subscribing on iTunes.

And if you have something embarrassing you want to share with the world and The High Tea Cast…comment on the blog, tweet us at @TheHighTeaCast or let us know via Facebook. You’ll be in good company!

PS this podcast is FEATURE LENGTH (1 hr 30 mins). Don’t expect that level of effort from the HTC lasses every time…we are spent!!

Are You Ready For This?

26 Jul

We are just one solitary day away for the big bad birth of Episode One of The High Tea Cast. Are you excited?!

Because we are!

We thought we’d give you lucky dogs a sneak preview of what you can expect from our feature length (read: extra long) launch episode, to whet your appetite before you get on your iTunes and subscribe tomorrow

  • An interview with fantastic small budget film production company A Winter Road
  • Chatter on Caitlin Moran’s new hilarious semi autobiographical book, How to Be A Woman
  • Our regular newscaster Simon Button bringing you news and views from far and wide.
  • Some cheeky reviews of two of London’s hottest cakery’s
  • The brilliant Eleni Cashell shares some of her more embarrassing moments, exclusively for The High Tea Cast.
  • And finally, we are played out but the awesome sounds of hot Irish band, The Biblecode Sundays.
    If none of that gets your juices flowing, the HTC ladies will be discussing the ins and outs of their own lives, introducing themselves and most likely, oversharing.
    As we mentioned, this episode is FEATURE LENGTH!! But you know what? This means that there is enough material to last to AND from work, so really, we’ve sorted out your commute. No need to thank us.

The High Tea Cast is ready for launch!

25 Jul

Howdy listeners and readers, and welcome to our brand spanking new blog!  Today sees the launch of the HTC blog in preparation for our first podcast episode this week – yes that is right, Episode One is coming to you via iTunes, Feedburner and this website on Wednesday.

Subscribe to the blog, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to be amongst the first to get your hands and ears around our broadcast!

To whet your appetite, here are some pictures of HTC ladies Sam and Lea recording the first episode at Jellyfielders Studios this weekend. Check back tomorrow for a sneaky preview of what we have to offer for your delectation and consideration!