The Hosts

Sam Sparrow: Super Woman

 Co-founder and regular host, Sam often resembles a tornado in her approach to life – messy, fast and leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. Currently working as Head of Volunteering for a national young person’s charity, Sam talks and walks all things helping out and getting involved. When not saving the world, Sam likes to act her age by knitting, sewing, baking, reading about Tube history (yes, really) and wasting her life away on Twitter (doesn’t everyone?) Apart from hearing her dulcet tones on The High Tea Cast, you can listen to her on the Jellyfielders Podcast, tweet her @SamRSparrow and read her daily blatherings at Find  her at B@1 Soho propping up the bar with Irish Disco Biscuits (cocktails), and  buying up a storm at the Hummingbird Bakery (cake). Oh and Sam requests no Black & Gold jokes. Please.

Lea Rice: Stiletto Siren

Lea Rice is the siren-haired, stiletto-clad lady journalist who whips up a storm wherever she goes, and tries hard(but fails) to hide a deep-rooted Peckham accent for fear of causing offence to delicate earholes. It is oft noted that Lea lives with a streak of “live fast, die young” ambition: with serious aspirations to be a media mogul and juggling several jobs, she’s a hard one to keep track of. In her short time as a practicing journalist, she’s been published in national newspapers, magazines, gate-crashed Absolute Radio and occasionally trades in her city slicker image for the country bumpkin ways of the Cornish Rivera, as a feature writer for The Good Cornwall Guide. On rare nights off, there’s no doubt she’ll be downing whiskey and flirting away with the Irish boys in Waxy O’Connors, though an upfront and feisty manner always wins her the title of “honourary guy” on a night out. There’s just time to squeeze in burlesque lessons (VERY handy, then, that she currently works for Dirty Pretty Things Lingerie) and a flair for all things kitsch, and that barely even scratches the surface of this 5ft 2″ bubbly ginger. We dare you to keep up with her – drop a tweet to @learice or visit her only-just-maintained blog at

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